Having A Bad Day?

I get it. I used to come home from work each day thinking things like ‘Life sucks,’ Work sucks,’ ‘I can’t do anything right,’ ‘Everyone hates me,’ ‘Nothing ever goes my way’. But if someone had asked me how my day was, I’d casually reply ‘Oh I’m just having one of those days’. As if it wasn’t affecting me as much as I really felt it was.

But really, every time I said these words to myself or thought how horrible my day was,

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I Was Always In A Bad Mood

Do you find yourself getting irritable for almost no reason? Or do you find yourself suddenly feeling down without knowing why? If you are feeling these emotions and you don’t know the reasons behind them, don’t think that you’re losing your grip. There are a lot of factors that can influence going through an emotional roller coaster ride, and sometimes, these factors go by unnoticed.

It wasn’t like I wanted to be cranky.

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Sick Of Being Tired?

How many times do you look at everything you have to do but you just can’t be bothered, and maybe you even think or say to yourself ‘I don’t have the energy!’? There’s so much to do every day, work is draining – it feels like all you have the energy to do is get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat.

It’s so easy to stop doing the things we enjoy and get stuck in the rut of doing what ‘needs to be done’.

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Are You Doing Too Much

Do you just feel like you’re going around and round and round in circles and find that you don’t have time to do what you want? Maybe you’re doing lots of things for other people; hours and hours at work and missing going out with friends, or you’re doing everything for your friends and not finding time for yourself.

When it comes to doing the things that you know you should do, have you found yourself scheduling things that are important to you,  

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