How I Stopped Procrastinating

Have you ever set out with the best of intentions for tomorrow, believing that tomorrow you will feel better, you’ll have more energy, more drive, more clarity and more motivation than today? Tomorrow, you promise yourself, you will get things done. It will be the best day ever and all the things you’ve been putting off will finally be out of your hair. But that’s usually where it stops right? You think and think and think about it until there’s nothing left to do but take action.

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Stop Procrastinating!

I used to be a master procrastinator. In fact, I was so good at procrastinating that I could put anything off. I wasn’t proud of this however, and it definitely was affecting my health, my relationships and my career. But I didn’t know what to do about it, until I finally learned that I was just creating more and more pain for myself, when I didn’t have to. I didn’t need to feel so uncomfortable.

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Stop Putting Things Off

The truth is we all need to make decisions, but we don’t. We avoid it.

I was like many people. In the past, I’d never stopped to think about how much my decisions (or indecision) were shaping my life. I realised that my indecision was holding me back in virtually all areas of my life. It was stunting my progress and I was feeling stuck.

How I Use To Be

If you’re anything like I used to be,

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How To Stop Procrastination

When you’re focussed, everything seems to flow and come together neatly. But when you’re not focussed, you find yourself thinking of five things at once and you end up being so preoccupied with everything that you still need to do, that you end up missing the turn off when you’re on your way home. Sound familiar?

Have you ever missed appointments, evenings with friends or stopped doing the things you love because you’re trying to get everything else done?

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