Never Give Up!

Why is it that other people keep going, and I just want to give up? It’s easier to sit on the couch, rather than getting up and going on a date. Sometimes, it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

I never realised that I was resilient. I felt weak and like my life was going round in circles. When things got tough, I felt like stopping. I remember asking ‘Why me?’ ‘Why does it seem like everyone else is in a relationship,

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Sick of Feeling Lost?

Have you ever found yourself looking at your life? Maybe looking at where you’re living, what job you’re in, looking at your partner and maybe your kids, your friends and maybe even looking at yourself in the mirror wondering how did I get here? “This isn’t what I pictured my life to look like” “This is not where I thought I would be right now”.

Are you confused about what you are going to do next in your life?

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I Had Lost Hope

Actually, I never knew what life was about when I was younger. I just wanted to have fun by laughing, playing, being a ‘tomboy,’ as I was called so unmistakably, in my younger days. Growing up was super fun; so I thought at that time…

Gradually, life became more difficult for me after I turned 13. Things happened to me and although life went on, I just kept myself happy and enjoyed life with my friends,

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